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5 Country Attractions for ‘Digital Nomads’

Published on July 11th, 2020


Dr. Rochelle Haynes

GigHR Expert, Digital Nomad Extraordinaire (Founder Crowd Potential Consulting)

We've all see the jaw-dropping and enviable pics of travellers with their laptops open, sitting with a cocktail on a balcony over-looking a turquoise blue ocean. Such idyllic settings have been drawing digital nomads (location-independent workers) to specific cities and countries across the globe. One of the main hotpots for digital nomads is South East Asia, where you can find entire communities of these business travellers who work while contributing to the local economy. 


I had the unique opportunity to travel and work across well-known digital nomad hotspots, Indonesia and Thailand, and speak to individuals who prefer this work experience. While I myself got to experience the digital nomad lifestyle within the Asian context, these travellers shared with me what draws them to certain locations. Here are five tope reasons given

Country's Cost of Living

Reliable Internet Access

Digital Nomad Communities

Bespoke Co-working Spaces

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