Off the Sticky Floor

Off the Sticky Floor is the brainchild of Ruchi Aggarwal and a collaborative project between Ruchi and Rochelle. We aim to capture global stories of triumph, about how women overcome self-limiting barriers to achieve success within their unique cultural settings. Read more about the project below.  

About the Project

Much has been written about external barriers to individual success, particularly (but not limited to) plaguing women - including a lack of educational/financial resources, cultural or societal expectations, and invisible iscriminatory barriers – the glass ceiling.


While all the above are all relevant, real, and evidenced, they focus the responsibility for under-achievement or low growth on an external source – one that is out of the individual’s control. This leads to a feeling of powerlessness to change individual circumstances, and that feeling is not a good place to be!

This global project aims to study the area of self-limiting barriers as opposed to environmental barriers and offers to give that power of achievement or capability, back to the individual, by focusing on those internal/individual barriers within our control. It introduces the unique concept of the ‘Sticky Floor’ to describe these self-limiting barriers

Where We Are

Ruchi has spent the past few months spreading the word about the 'Sticky Floor' across various platforms, including TEDx, PEARL, the Lincolnite Podcast and more. We are also currently gathering interviews with remarkable women from around the globe. We hope to gain ten more interviews so if you are one of these women or have someone in mind, please get in touch using our contact page.


  Be sure to check out our gallery to see Ruchi talking at TEDx Brayford Pool. She is truly inspiring!


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  UK  Office:

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  LatAm and Caribbean HQ:

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