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The Blended Workforce Revolution

Brand new research white paper available now

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The rise of the independent workforce, being most recently fuelled by a mass Gen X influx, is the human capital trend for the 2020s as digital nomads and other contingent workers become a more formalised part of the workforce. Corporate enterprise needs to mobilise and define new rules of the road for human capital management. We call it ‘GigHR©’.

GigHR© is the continuous adaptation, leveraging, and application of Organisational Development and HR management practices to an increasingly diverse and blended workforce, to achieve optimum results for organisations and their stakeholders (Haynes and Blain, 2020)

The Gig HR Framework

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The Blended Workforce Revolution

The rise of the blended workforce, made up of permanent, part-time, and independent workers, is indisputable.  Across the globe, traditional hierarchies and ways of working are being challenged like never before. We surveyed almost 2,000 independent workers and HR/business leaders from 6 regions and over 30 countries to see just how pervasive the blended workforce has become, and how much leaders are formalising a strategic approach to attracting human capital, recruitment, deployment and more.

As a result of the research we have created a new GigHR© framework to enable Human Capital Management professionals to get to action and lead this accelerating trend within their own organisations. We provide this framework as part of our keynote speaking engagements and 1-day how-to workshop. Contact us to find out more.

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The rise of blended cover 1.png
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