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"Highly recommended! I attended a workshop ‘Effective Performance Management’ and the professional and approachable style made this a really enjoyable session. Evidently extremely knowledgeable"

- J.M., Awarding winning career coach

About Our Group

Hello and welcome to our landing pad!


Crowd Potential (CP) is a group of consultants and researchers who are passionate about preparing organisations and individuals for the future of work, and positively enhancing engagement between employers and globally dispersed talent. We believe that strong bonds can be built between organisational and  global talent despite geographical distance. 

We at CP are from very different backgrounds, including the Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, and currently work from the UK and Germany. We use our collective cultural, professional and research expertise to shed light on changing approaches to work across the globe, and provide tailored management solutions for both organisations and individual workers..

Feel free to stick around and explore our mission, services, and exciting upcoming ventures!

- Dr. Rochelle Haynes

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