Remote work is here to stay so get comfortable! Join Dr. Rochelle Haynes, GigHR specialist, and her expert guests to discuss how the digital economy has forced us to rethink traditional mindsets around work, careers, and success.  Listen to find out how to take advantage successfully adopt a digital culture and take advantage of opportunities in the digital world.

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Season 2 Launches May 14th 2021

Block 1 Line-Up: 


Paul Carrick Brunson, Better with Paul

Judy McCutcheon, Go Blue Inc.

Daniel Francis, The Millennial Mind

Veronica Owusu RSU.jpg

Veronica Owusu, VPower Coaching

Mahalia Cummins, 2 Mile Hill

Our Season 1 Content: 

In the first season, we focused on helping businesses, countries and people to work better remotely. Here are some of our speakers and content from last season. What a learning journey!

Internet Governance expert, Kevon Swift, speaks about how we can avoid key mistakes in online security.

Janice Sutherland, author of this Woman Can, talks about dealing with discrimination in the online workspace.

Digital Nomad, Sarah Azim, talks about what remote workers look for when choosing a country to work from.

Julie Turney, founder of HRatHeart, speaks about the role of HR in the digital age.

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